Treat yourself to a massage at home, Cocooning guaranteed by Massage Nice Domicile

Get ready to experience a sensory journey in your environment transformed by my care into a place of relaxation for your body and your mind.

Technique newly arrived in France, I offer the Hawaiian massage that I realize at your home (residence, villa, hotel , yacht) in the region Niçoise and the coast of the French Riviera.

I make my massages with organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils that we will choose together according to your needs of the moment.

For this massage to be the most successful, I add a visual, olfactory and sound change of scenery.

The comfortable table INNER STRENCH, pareo and cotton towel will complete my service.

Your journey of muscle relaxation, relaxation, well-being, letting go, energetic, draining, enveloping, stretching and awakening the senses can begin ....

Didier your masseur *

* Formed by an Organization Certified by the F F T M R .

French Federation of Traditional Relaxing Massage.

* APDI member in this respect I have taken out Professional and Operating Liability Insurance .

Didier Vouillon your Masseur

Son of Traiteur Lyonnais, epicurean by birth, I fell in love with Nice 40 years ago, married Jeannette, became the father of Laetitia (35) and Rémi (30) and grandfather of Thomas (3).

My professional career in wellness started in high gastronomy at Paul Bocuse in Lyon, then it was the event at Palais des Festivals in Cannes and the management of Restaurant in Sophia-Antiplos and Nice.

The Hawaiian massage was presented to me by a friend 4 years ago, seduced by this phylosophy, I decided to train myself to this ancient technique can known in Europe.

Since January 2020, I created MassageNiceDomicile, to bring this massage full of attention to you.

Didier Vouillon de MassageNiceDomicile

Massage Nice Domicile is recommended 5 stars by its clients on Tripadvisor, who have ranked it in the TOP 10 massages in Nice

The dance of breath and life

Massage with ancestral healing techniques, inherited from the Polynesian natives of Hawaii and especially from traditional master healers.

They pass on this practice from generation to generation in order to touch the mind, respect and attention connecting the heart, body and soul to the source of life.

Thus, the Hawaiian massage reflects the feeling of extremely deep inner-outer connection in Hawaiians: a link between the environment and man but also between the physical and the mental.

It will harmonize the energy that flows in each of us and reconnect all the parts that make up our being.

The gestures, influenced by martial arts and dance, are fluid and rhythmic, made with forearms, fists and hands.

Your personalized Cocooning moment at home

Prepare yourself for a sensory journey into your environment transformed by my care into a place of relaxation for your body and mind.

I only perform my massages with organic oils and essential oils that we will choose together according to your needs.

For the moment to be the most successful, I add a visual, olfactory and acoustic change of scenery.

INNER STRENCH table massage,, cotton pareo and towel.

The journey can begin.

Transforming your room into a space dedicated to well-being


These Techniques were transmitted to me in the greatest tradition.

In this spirit of Aloha, I put in my massages all my best attentions and intentions.

I take care of you, as you take care of yourself by choosing my massage.


ALOHA, Hello in Hawaiian. "Literally" Aloha is the sending and receiving of positive energy.


To facilitate your payement, I accept:

* Cheques

* Cash

* All Bank Cards including AMEX by PAYPAL

For your appointment


You can contact me:

* By text or phone / Whatsapp: +336 17 03 54 67

If I am busy, I will call you back or answer you as soon as possible.

* By Mail:

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* By completing the Contact Form "Quickly Contact Me" at the bottom of this page

You can be massaged: 7/7 days from 10 am to 9 pm at your home or in my massage salon in Nice Centre, 14 rue de Dijon.

All my services at your home or in my institute are adapted to your needs of the day at the corporal and spiritual level.

Customized according to your different morphologies and joint and muscle restrictions.

For this my massage is preceded by an interview during which I explain the different techniques used in the HAWAIIAN massage: modeling, mixing, kneading, stretching, manipulations as well as the ancestral philosophy of what I will achieve, so that your body and your mind quickly let go to the wellness offered...

Following these details, I would ask you to provide me with your expectations and potential physical restrictions.

This step is important for the success of the massage and is not included in the chosen massage time.

For the smooth running of the service and your comfort, please adjust the ambient temperature of the room dedicated to massage between 24° et 26°.

For your planning and to fully enjoy this moment of cocooning that you offer yourself, add 15 to 20 minutes more to the time of the massage displayed.

For your information, I am an APDI member and as such I have taken out a Professional and Operating Liability Insurance.

See you soon

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For my customers, I proposes one program fidelity and thanks.

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A brief summary of my overall performance

Hawaiian massage energizes the entire energy system of the body.
This massage uses the energies of the 4 elements:
• air: light touches
• earth: deep work
• water: slow and intense movements
• fire: large movements that unify the different parts of the body

My Quality Labels

You will find me in the Catergory SPA in Nice

I am formed by an Organization approved by this massage federation FFMTR

I choose my organic oils as well as organic essential oils for cleaning the table and bottles.

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Your Well-being and Health

Dear customers and customers,

In order to guarantee your health safety, the hygienic recommendations of the French Federation of Massage established in connection with the government guidelines concerning covid-19 , are applied from this day on during my massage services.

These preventive elements will be explained to you during the appointment, then at the time of the massage.

A notice will be sent to you by SMS when you order your service, explaining in detail the entire health process.

You will find the same link to the questionnaire recommended by the french government.


My massages are intended for relaxation and are in no case therapeutic or medical acts as defined by article R4321-3 of the Code of Public Health and related regulations ( Decree No. 2004-802 of 29 July 2004 – OJ of 8 August 2004 )

If you are in a therapeutic approach, I invite you to consult your doctor and/or physiotherapist who will know how to advise and guide you

It Law and Freedoms

Massage Nice Domicile also massages you in a practice in Nice city center at 14 rue de dijon